Align yourself with the cosmic rhythm for success, all year long

Solstice and Equinox events with Dr Levry include:

Quarterly Livestream events with Dr. Levry (Globe Equinox and Solstice Celebrations) - multi hour events that include:

  • Sukshma Breathwork Practice - an active breathwork practice combined wiht precise micro-movements to bring life to every cell of your body
  • Soulful Science Lecture with Dr. Levry - actionable Wisdom so you can flourish in every season
  • NAAM meditation to change the velocity of your neurons so that you can change your frequency, synchronize your energy with Mother Nature and attract the blessings you seek

Finish the year strong:
  • have greater results with less effort
  • increase your mental fortitude
  • find emotional balance
  • experience inner harmony and peace
  • tap into a powerful vitality and innate source of energy
  • deepen your trust of your intuition
  • improve your chance of success in any endeavor by 30% or more, by working with the rhythm of nature

Mark your calendar for the remaining 2023 Global Equinoxes and Global Solstices!

Global Solstice: Sunday December 17, 2023

Why do we work with NAAM Technology at the global solstice and equinox events?

Happiness, health and success are nothing more than a matter of vibration. The universe operates through vibration. Vibration depends on rhythm and sound. 

NAAM works with sound vibration, the power of rhythmic breath, and dynamic movement to attune the mind and body to its proper “note”; so that we can be in harmony with the symphony of life.

NAAM optimizes our physical biorhythm so that we can have an unshakeable outlook on life. When people come together from all over the world and practice NAAM together at the global solstice and equinox events, its impact on each individual and the planet is exponentially magnified.

NAAM Technology develops:

• positive mental outlook • greater health  • ability to drop the past

• capacity to disconnect from trauma • awakened consciousness

• a strong nervous system • better energy levels • ability to cope with life

• capacity to fight depression • protection against negativity

• a sense of satisfaction in life • ability to keep away fear, anxiety and worry

• intuitive intelligence improved organ function

About Dr. Levry

Dr. Joseph Michael Levry is an internationally renowned scholar, composer, author and speaker, whose universal message brings together the spiritual healing traditions of the East and West. Dr. Levry seamlessly connects ancient Eastern wisdom, mysticism, and healing practices such as meditation, breath work and yoga, with revelatory Western science, mathematics, modern medicine and metaphysics.

Prior to Covid, the solstice and equinox events, led by Dr. Levry, were attended in person by hundreds of people at Naam Yoga LA in downtown Santa Monica. Today thousands of participants can enjoy these four powerful times for self-transformation and global healing online from all parts of the world.  

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