This year will be like no other year before. Global changes in all aspects of life will continue to accelerate and intensify throughout 2024, as the Age of Steel begins to come to a close, Uranus in Taurus heats up and solar activity starts to peak.

This year, your best form of security is spiritual security. Divine spiritual guidance and the Light of your consciousness is what will protect you, guide you and allow you to thrive in this time. The Law of Balance says that as much darkness as there is, is as much Light there can be. As the old world is dying, everyone on this planet has the tremendous opportunity for new life, for personal resurrection. Join us this year for the major celestial events of 2024, so that you can flourish and be a leader for yourself and for others in these uncertain times.

2024 Celestial Events

Sat. March 23 - Dr. Levry's Birthday Celebration, Equinox and Lunar Eclipse Guidance

Sat. April 6 Total Solar Eclipse Guidance

Sun. June 23 Brain Power Mastery Course with Dr. Levry (Live in person in Mexico City or Online)

Sat. Aug.3 Guidance for the Lion's Gate

Sat. Sept. 7 Lunar Eclipse Guidance

Sat. Sept.21 Equinox Celebration

Sat. Dec.21 Solstice Celebration

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