Harmonyum Educator Program: Trauma and the Nervous System, a holistic mind body approach to healing

October 10, 2018

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What is The Harmonyum Educator Program?

A professional development program for certified, active Harmonyum practitioners!

This ongoing series of stand-alone education modules train practitioners to effectively deliver lectures, workshops and healing weekends and retreats on the topic of healing and the role Harmonyum plays in health and healing. Trainings will include topics that are scientific and wisdom based.

What will I receive in this module?

  • lecture blueprint - word for word lecture content, that you can shape as needed
  • an online video of this lecture for your ongoing reference, taught by Harmonyum team staff
  • templates for social media posts, flyers and a banner for emails

What will be covered during the in-person training, Oct.10?

  • group breakout sessions to support team and partner work
  • learning through observation of peer teaching
  • time for you to practice teach different sections of this experiential lecture
  • pricing guidance
  • the most effective way to offer complimentary sessions, without creating Bread of Shame

What will I gain by taking this module?

  • Confidence in the ability to present this topic to any audience
  • Personal coaching, both in person and via webinar
  • Experience teaching your lecture in front of other people, in person and via webinar
  • A list of personally chosen goals and intentions to focus on and refine as teachers
  • a 30 second to 1 minute video inviting people to their lecture, that you create

What is the training schedule for the Harmonyum Educator Program?

Saturday Sept.29
pre-course call (via Zoom)
Wednesday Oct.10:
in-person training at Naam LA, Santa Monica (9am-4pm)
monthly group webinars for 3 months, dedicated to coaching, answering questions, and support to give public lectures

What are the requirements to become certified as a Harmonyum Educator for this module?

  • attendance of pre-course Zoom meeting
  • come prepared to teach at the Oct.10 course
  • participation in the Oct.10 course and all 3 webinars
  • teaching the lecture 3 times (in an informal or formal setting; at least one lecture in a public settting)--once between Oct.10 and webinar 1, once between webinar 1 and 2, and again between webinar 2 and 3
  • commitment to being an active Harmonyum practitioner*
  • full payment for course

*receiving Harmonyum once/week, and giving Harmonyum once/week minimum

Are there any pre-requisites to participate in this module?

Requirements will vary depending on the topic of the module and the amount of content. Certification for this module requires certification in at least one level of Harmonyum.

We highly encourage and recommend any practitioners interested in the Harmonyum Healing Educator Program, to become certified in all the levels that you have received training for. This will give you the best preparation for the different professional development opportunities that are unfolding!

Where and when is the next Harmonyum Educator Program?

The next training is held at our international headquarters Naam Yoga LA, in sunny Santa Monica, California! It will be held Wednesday, October 10, 2018. We hope you will stay for masterclass with Dr.Levry Wednesday night and for the Harmonyum Level III training, that starts the next day!

What should I do to prepare for the training weekend?

The lecture content will be provided in time for the Saturday Sept.29th Zoom session. This will give everyone time to prepare to teach on Wednesday Oct.10 when we meet in person. You can teach from your notes; you just need to be familiar enough with the material that you feel comfortable teaching!

Do you have additional questions?
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