Lecture Series: Practical Applications of Hermetic Philosophy with Dr.Levry

Hermetic Principles for Modern Day Life taught through the lens of Divine Spiritual Alchemy

Eight-part online lecture series

It has been said that every new era could positively renew and revive itself through Hermetic wisdom. these timeless principles which can be traced to ancient Egypt, have inspired the world's great innovators in the fields of science, agriculture, engineering, medicine and philosophy.

Join Dr.Levry for this 8-part online series that rekindles the foundational knowledge of life, so that you can improve your mental well-being, boost your physical health, raise your frequency and unlock the door to self-understanding and mastery.

Lecture Series Curriculum:

Lecture 1: The Psycho-therapeutic Application Of The Hermetic teachings

Lecture 2: The Foundation Of Truth: The Principle of Mentalism And Mental Alchemy

Lecture 3: The Interconnected Nature Of The Totality Of Life: The Principle of Correspondence

Lecture 4: The Mother Of Nature: The Principle Of Vibration

Lecture 5: Transmutation: The Principle of Polarity

Lecture 6: The Father Of Nature: The Principle Of Rhythm

Lecture 7: The Fruit Is In The Seed: The Principle Of Causality

Lecture 8: Dancing With The Solar And Lunar Forces: The Principle Of Gender

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a Spanish translation?
Spanish translation is available! Para el español: https://edu.naamyoga.com/p/principioshermeticos
How long do I have access to this course?
For 1 year from when you enroll!

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