The Course

A profound journey into spiritual mastery with the Ritual for Centering and Spiritual Attunement. In this session, you will explore the ancient practice of the ritual designed to elevate your spiritual consciousness and empower your daily life. 

What You Will Learn:

**Deep Ritual Mastery:** Gain hands-on experience and master the steps of the Ritual, including the pronunciation and deep symbolism of each gesture and invocation.

**Spiritual Empowerment:** Discover how to integrate this powerful ritual into your daily routine to achieve spiritual centering, divine protection, and personal empowerment.

**Enhanced Connection:** Learn to establish a profound connection with your higher self and the divine, enhancing your ability to make spiritually aligned decisions and receive guidance.

**Protective Techniques:** Understand how to ground and center yourself, manage your aura and keep negative energies at bay

Workshop Features:

**Interactive Sessions:** Engage in practical exercises with full-body movement demonstrations to fully grasp each aspect of the ritual.

**Visualizations and Meditations:** Participate in guided visualizations to expand your spiritual awareness and invoke protective energies.

**Dynamic Discussion and Reflection:** Share your experiences and insights in a supportive environment, enhancing your understanding and application of the 

Why This Workshop Is Essential Now:

In these challenging times, reconnecting with your spiritual essence is more crucial than ever. Once embodied, this ritual provides you with the ability to maintain an unwavering connection to your spirit, ensuring resilience and stability no matter the
external circumstances.

Whether you’re seeking to deepen your spiritual practice or find new ways to navigate life’s challenges, this workshop will equip you with a timeless spiritual tool that has transformed lives through the ages. Come, step into a space of spiritual discovery and empowerment, and bring harmony and light into every aspect of your life. JOIN US

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Your Instructors

Your instructors

Alyssa brings a wealth of experience and passion to her role as a guide in the journey towards inner peace and spiritual attunement. With a rich background in dance and a BA in the discipline, she gracefully intertwines over two decades of movement expertise with profound spiritual practices. Alyssa's classes are a harmonious blend of love and discipline, where she fosters an environment of musicality, inspiration, and deep respect for the individual paths of her students. Her teaching is further enriched by certifications in Gyrotonic Expansion System, Gyrokinesis, Pilates Mat, as well as extensive training in Kundalini Yoga and Naam Yoga® Therapies across all levels.

As a dedicated practitioner and Senior Harmonyum Practitioner, Alyssa has evolved her practice to teach not just in studios but in diverse environments, ranging from hospitals to corporate offices, thus reaching a broad spectrum of individuals. Her comprehensive knowledge is not just limited to physical well-being but extends into spiritual realms, offering lessons in Shakti Naam Yoga™, Dancing Naam™, and Moon Rituals, alongside profound insights in Universal Kabbalah from the teachings of Dr. Joseph Michael Levry. Based in LA, Alyssa connects with an international community, bringing her heartfelt dedication and transformative teaching to students across the globe. She embodies the role of not only an educator but also a lifelong student of the intersecting worlds of movement and spirituality.

Chris Merrill

A spiritual teacher and a mystic, Chris is one of the pioneer teachers of Universal Kabbalah as taught by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry with having taught hundreds workshops with almost 25 years of experience. Chris was instrumental in the teaching and development of the online Universal Kabbalah Study And Certification Program, the Holistic Kabbalistic Counseling Training Program. He has many online videos available and can be found on 2 DVD’s:  Universal Kabbalah for Beginners and The Spiritual Science of Money.

Additionally Chris is featured on more than 23 Music Albums, and has produced several more.

Well known for his expertise in the science of Universal Kabbalah, Chris’s firsthand experience of the power of these teachings to help identify and overcome deeply rooted subconscious patterns continually inspires him to share them with others. As such he is able to help his students experience the good “luck” that comes from being in the right place at the right time. As a result they are able to maximize and seize opportunities regardless of external stressors. With a warm, casual, compelling style, Chris is known for his ability to take universal truths and distill them into practical applications for everyday life.  His students use these techniques to diagnose the source of their self-imposed limitations, claiming their power by overcoming them quickly. It is this confidence in the power of practical spirituality that also makes Chris a commanding motivational speaker.



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