Health and Wellbeing Through Sound Meditation

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Health and Wellbeing through Sound Meditation

A simple, effective explanation of meditation and specific Sound Meditations that can bring positive changes in health and wellbeing. Topics include:

  • What is sound meditation, why would someone try it?
  • How to meditate with Sound
  • Benefits of Sound Meditation
  • Benefits of meditating for different lengths of time
  • 3 single word meditations for protection, relaxation and energy
  • A Potent mental meditation for facing challenges
  • A powerful meditation for Healing
  • And Much More.

Pricing: $19

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Chris Merril
Chris Merril

Chris has spent over a decade of intense daily study, learning, teaching, and practice of multiple styles of yoga, breath work, meditation, healing, and spirituality, preceded by an additional 10 years as a successful professional musician.

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