Do you feel like you are doing everything you can to succeed, but the results in your life reflect the opposite?

Is the lack of reward for your efforts tempting you to give up?

The 7 Laws of Success

Whether you know it or not, your success in life depends on your choices respecting the natural order of life.

The order in life is maintained by unseen, unchangeable laws of nature.

These laws, being unseen, are spiritual in nature.

To get the most out of your life, you need to become aware of these laws and respect them.

Imagine how many accidents would happen if people drove without knowing or respecting the stoplights, signs, and flow of traffic.

Similarly, when you break the laws of nature, knowingly or unknowingly, you oppose the natural flow of life.

As a result, you create new roadblocks and obstacles on your way to success in health, relationships, and career.

How do we Resolve That Situation?

Primarily, we need to understand these laws in the context of the current pandemic times of complexity.

Aligning yourself with these invisible laws that create order in the entirety of life is the fastest way out of the tangled knot of increasing anxiety, fear, and confusion.

If you have heard of the Law of Attraction, then you have already been introduced to the world of spiritual laws.

This is just one of many laws needed to bring you greater success in all areas of your life. Individual laws do not work in a vacuum; they are part of a larger synergetic body of laws.

The more laws you know and respect, the more you can transform your life.

Is this course going to help me?

This course is perfect for you if you:

1. Are struggling with challenges in health, career, or love

2. Took the 7 Hermetic Principles with Dr. Levry and would like to dive deeper into success and well-being

3. Are ready for your next level of evolution

4. Are willing to make the unknown known

5. Dare to step into your life's mission

Join us monthly for 7 lectures exploring the 7 Laws of Success.

Open up your life to new possibilities and the satisfaction and fulfillment that comes from transforming your challenges into good fortune!

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Sun June 5,2022: Foundations

Saturday July 16,2022: The Success-Maker

Saturday, August 14th, 2022: The Cycle-Breaker

Saturday, Sept 3rd, 2022: The Grand Ruler

Saturday, October 1st, 2022: The Tide Rider

Saturday, Nov 5th, 2022: The Fruit Bearer

Saturday, Jan, 14, 2023: The Prince of Heaven

Saturday Feb, 4 2023: The Leading Vector


11 am PST - 1 pm PST

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