Drop-In: Practical Applications of Hermetic Philosophy with Dr.Levry

Hermetic Principles for Modern Day Life taught through the lens of Divine Spiritual Alchemy

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This June, a portal opens for everyone who seeks the inner knowledge of the sacred teachings of the Thrice Great Hermes Trismegistus. You will learn the psycho-therapeutic applications of the 7 Principles of Nature that rule the material world, and will dive deep into a holistic understanding of these laws.

We cannot talk about hermetic teachings without talking about alchemy and we cannot talk about alchemy without talking about the hermetic teachings.

This monthly series will reveal new aspects of mental alchemy and the laws of nature that will move you to a new world of expanded awareness defined by a vast perspective, greater mental clarity and increased certainty in your self-governance.

8 Month Lecture Series Curriculum:

June 12 The Psycho-therapeutic Application Of The Hermetic teachings

July 10 The Foundation Of Truth: The Principle of Mentalism And Mental Alchemy

Aug 14 The Interconnected Nature Of The Totality Of Life: The Principle of Correspondence

Sept 11 The Mother Of Nature: The Principle Of Vibration

Oct 9 Transmutation: The Principle of Polarity

Nov 13 The Father Of Nature: The Principle Of Rhythm

Dec 11 The Fruit Is In The Seed: The Principle Of Causality

March 5 Dancing With The Solar And Lunar Forces: The Principle Of Gender


10:30am PDT: Meditation Begins

11:00am PDT: Lecture with Dr.Levry

Investment: Thank you in advance for your generosity! Because this is a fundraiser, there is a choice of payment. Lectures purchased as a single class are available livestream and replay. (Please note: Drop-in lectures will be available for replay for 10 days after the live-streamed lecture.)

In case you choose to enroll in the complete lecture series you will have access to all 8 livestream lectures and all replays until Feb 28, 2022. For monthly series registration click here.

Your Instructor

Dr. Joseph Michael Levry
Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
Each lecture purchased will be available for replay for 10 days after the live-streamed lecture.
Will there be a Spanish translation?
We are happy to say that a Spanish translation will be available!
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This is not tax-deductible as a charitable contribution. It may be tax deductible as a continuing education or business expense. For more information, please consult a licensed tax advisor.

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