The Sukshmah Method Training

Are you someone who is committed to improving the lives of others while changing your own life?
We are looking for you!
We are Renata and Alyssa with NAAM,
We are recruiting future instructors and coaches to help clients overcome the challenges, stress & trauma of this time.
As a certified instructor, you will lead your clients back to complete *body-mind health* and greatly improve their LIFE QUALITY.

Here is why now it’s a great time to learn and teach this ancient and rejuvenating practice. 


Your greatest wealth is your health. There is a great need for maintaining your health and ways to REGAIN your health. Most people are suffering from the side effects of the pandemic (from the virus itself, vaccines, isolation, loneliness, anxiety, and depression). Teaching people how to use this specialized breath system may seem simple but it is an extremely effective way to bring health back.


This method is an ancient healing breath and movement system that is SAFE and can be practiced by almost anyone! You do not need to be a yogi or super flexible. This practice can address mental and physical disturbances by adjusting your body chemistry NATURALLY. This method can be applied to various populations and help improve diseases and disorders like diabetes, insomnia, digestive disturbances, constipation, depression, loneliness, addiction, infertility, burnout, hormonal imbalance, and much more.


You will have access to a library of videos and a digital manual as well as group coaching sessions and personalized test-out sessions - all from the comfort of your home. 

Or you may also choose the HYBRID option to do the first part of your studies online and then join for the IN PERSON pre-certification retreat which will include PERSONALIZED COACHING sessions and hands-on alignment. All from a pristine beautiful nature destination that will inspire and reinvigorate you!

The FREEDOM to work from anywhere, and create your own schedule. You can do group sessions and also private one-on-one personalized sessions. You can teach both live in-person and also online using the various platforms available.


As you go back to “normal” life you have a chance to REINVENT yourself. This crisis time has been an opportunity to completely transform, and now is the time to pivot and ALIGN with your TRUE PURPOSE and become a certified coach making a positive impact in the world.


You will immediately deliver results to your clients. Within the first 5 minutes of practice, they will feel the energy released and experience an immediate positive shift into a more meditative and focused state.


Join our global community and be part of this positive movement.  Expand your network, make new friends, and be supported by our coaches and your colleagues from around the world.

Activate the self-healing mechanism, detox your organs, and enhance your posture and health 

Who is this training for?

Yoga instructors, sports coaches, fitness teachers, pilates/bar/dance teachers.
Committed people with energy and Charisma!
People who want to help make a positive difference in the world.
People who are go-getters…
People who can work in pairs (teamwork can make it easier to excel).
People who want to become more spiritual.

Amazing Facts about The Sukshmah Method

This health practice has been kept secret for centuries and is now being introduced to the Western World. This series of exercises is used by advanced yogis when coming out of Samadhi (a deep state of meditation where the practitioner may be still for hours, days, or months at a time) to bring life and vitality back to the body. It is known as the yoga of immortality as it works on the subtle body known as Sukshmah Sharira which gives life and vitality to the physical body. This practice is designed to rid the body of disease, re-establish the flow of prana in the body, and awaken dormant powers in you. It looks and feels different from other forms of yoga, and the energy released is felt within the first 5 minutes of practice. This is a wellness and health practice that complements any other forms of yoga, athletics, performance, and fitness modalities you may do and causes you to catapult to a new level of excellence. With a consistent practice of The Sukshmah Method, you feel renewed, and you gain inner strength and power rarely accessed through any other means.

Benefits include:

  • Improved brain function (concentration, focus, memory).
  • Balanced endocrine system (hormonal balance)   
  • Revitalized muscular and skeletal system (endurance, resilience, posture, muscle tone)
  • Reduced neck and shoulder tension   
  • Increased metabolism to support ideal body weight    
  • Enhanced detoxification to rid of environmental and internal toxins
  • Sustained energy flow throughout the day
  • Harmonized digestion and elimination
  • Heightened proprioception and balance
  • Improved eyesight 
  • Increased joy 
  • Balanced emotions through the power of sound vibration

The Teaching Opportunity

As a certified Suskhmah Method Teacher, there are 3 main teaching opportunities:

Personalized coaching and private sessions: 

Group Classes Live and Online:

Workshops/Lifestyle program:

You will also learn how to create more in-depth workshops (90-120 minutes), including topics like: 

  • Introduction to the practice, origins, and lineage
  • Safety & alignment 
  • Healthy lifestyle tools to support your practice 
  • Power navel core support exercises 
  • Naam Meditation 
  • And more!

Origins of The Sukshmah Method

What will you learn

Learn the entire sequence of 50 exercises & micro-movements that works the entire body from head to toe.

The science behind The Suksmah Method

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Hormonal Balance
  • The Nervous System 
  • Gastrointestinal health
  • Energy and Metabolism


5 foundational breaths 

  • Inhale more
  • Pranic Breath
  • Dragon Breath
  • Breath of Glow
  • 3 Breath retention techniques

Biomechanics of stability and integration

  • Safety
  • Details and benefits of each exercise


Reaching Excellence in your Teaching

  • Rhythm, timing, and musicality
  • Verbal cueing and precise wording to get the intended result
  • Projection & Presentation techniques for success



  • Lineage and background of The Sukshmah Method


Meditation and Sound Vibration

  • Mudras (healing hand positions) to direct energy flow and remove blocks 
  • N.A.A.M: Neuro Activating Advanced Meditation techniques

The Curriculum

  • Over 50 instructional videos on each of the exercises, cuing and practice.
  • Anatomy and physiology lectures
  • 3 alignment webinars
  • 1-on-1 assessment with scoring and feedback
  • 1 qualifying practicum 
  • FInal test out practicum 
  • Live Q & A Sessions

What if I am not a teacher yet?

Pre-requisites for the Certification Course:

To be eligible to attend this training

  • You need to take a minimum of 15 classes of The Sukshmah Method. At least 5 of the 15 classes must be taken with a certified Teacher Trainer. The remaining 10 classes may be taken with any teacher who is officially certified in The Sukshmah Vyayama Method.
  • You must submit your teacher certificate in either yoga, fitness, Pilates, dance or similar. (submit a written application to [email protected] if that is not your case)
  • Any phone or computer to access lessons

Certification Requisites:

  • Full attendance at the training
  • Full payment
  • Satisfactory completion of all practice, practicums and training assessments, and homework.

Note: In the event you do not pass your practicum, you will be required to schedule additional coaching and practicum time to retake your test within 3 months. This will incur additional costs for these sessions.

  • Teach a minimum of 15 practicum classes after you have passed your online training.
  • Mandatory attendance minimum of 15 classes with Certified Teacher Trainers to continue to refine skills. These classes are at an additional cost.
  • Attend the test-out-weekend and pass your final practicum.


Certification Requirements

1. Full payment of the course fee.

2. Submit administration documents prior to the course.

3. Full attendance at the training.  

4. Satisfactory completion (min 8 out of 10) of all practice, practicums and training assessments, and homework and videos.

Note: In the event you do not pass your practicum, you will be required to schedule additional coaching and practicum time to retake your test within 3 months. This will incur additional costs for these sessions.

5. Teach a minimum of 15 practice classes after you have passed your qualifying practicum.

6. Continue to attend The Sukshmah Method classes with Certified Trainers or certified teachers. Minimum of 15 classes before your certifying practicum. 5 out of these 15 classes need to be taken with either Alyssa or Renata. These classes are at an additional cost.

7. Attend and evaluate a minimum of 15 practice classes of your peers before your certifying practicum. 

8. Submit a written and video testimonial about your experience with The Sukshmah Method.

9. Submit a written and video testimonial about your experience with The Sukshmah Method certification course.

10. Attend the live test out-weekend and pass your final practicum.


Renata Spironello and Alyssa Gaustad are soulpreneurs and Co-Founders of Naam Education and Naam International, a 501c3 charitable organization. With over 30 years of combined experience in the wellness industry and authors of the "Breath as Medicine,” book which details the anti-aging healing practice known as The Sukshmah Method applied for modern times, Renata and Alyssa are known as forces for good. They joined the founder of Naam, Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, on stage leading five world-record-setting Global Meditations for Peace, the most recent of which was attended by over 300,000 people via live television broadcast and in person at the historic Zocalo Square in Mexico City, MX. Renata and Alyssa have traveled extensively throughout the world sharing Naam and are powerhouse passionate women committed to serving others in their process of healing.

Free Bonus

➢ Special Guest lecture Medical Approach to The Sukshmah Method including:

Cardiovascular health, thyroid, and hormone health with Dr. Evelyne Leone M.D ($500 value)

Branded Marketing templates for teaching your classes ($99 value)

Video tutorial for setting up your equipment on Zoom ($150 value)

Nutrition for The Sukshmah Method with Sivan Einav (RDN) ($250 value)

Bonus Discounted for The Sukshmah Method live practice sessions to complete certification

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Our Core Values

  • Love what you do: When you do what you love it heals you
  • Always keep growing: The one thing to know is that you know nothing! Keep learning because there is always room for improvement.
  • Service: This is the highest path of spirituality and what fulfills us the most
  • Community:  We are all interconnected and we need one another for support, growth, and continued opportunity. Treat everyone like gold!
  • Integrity & accountability: Walk the talk! Your actions match your words. 


The Sukshmah Method training was so much fun! I just loved being together with my Naam Community worldwide, since the training was online. Overall, I feel stronger in my body, which makes me stronger in my Vinyasa practice, and more resilient mentally and emotionally to the tremendous amount of stress, we are all under in these very interesting times! I am grateful for the practice and so honored to be able to teach it to others. I love that my students, those who could not practice Vinyasa, can get through the entire practice, too! They share with me that they are seeing results in their physical mobility, lung health, and emotionally as well – and this was only after the first three weeks of three times-per-week classes with me. It’s a very different and very amazing practice! I just love it!

It was such an honor to help my colleagues with the exercises and to support them in becoming great teachers. I feel very confident teaching this practice and look forward to sharing it with others, as I’ve seen such amazing results with my practicum class’ students already! Thank you for the training and the opportunity to serve!



Just like Dr. Levry says, The Sukshmah Method practice changes your EVERYTHING. After a two-week series, I feel more grounded, centered, and calm – which is especially helpful given what we are experiencing in the world today. My body has noticeably changed: leaner, better digestion, clearer vision, and deeper sleep. A persistent shoulder injury and tension in my hand have disappeared. I feel taller and have better posture. My breath capacity expanded exponentially, and I breathe all the way to my toes now! Spiritually, I am receiving divine creative inspiration, experiencing more serendipity, and having a deeper connection to my heart and God. It’s as if all blocks – internally and externally – have melted away. It’s wonderful to practice with people from all over the world and to be connected via this extra special practice gifted to us by Dr. Levry and expertly guided by Renata and Alyssa. Thank you for making this accessible to us during this time of the great unknown. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- P.F

Frequent Questions

Q When does the course start and finish? 

A: You can begin anytime you register and start the course online. The next step is to join the in-person retreat portion. Please inquire as to the upcoming dates/locations.

The training consists of 3 parts for the Hybrid (online/in-person) option

Part 1 The online portion of the videos

Part 2 Live in-person retreat & pre-certification.

Part 3 Final Test out takes place 3 months after your in-person retreat session. (Some students may request to test out earlier should they complete their requirements earlier)

Q: What is the schedule like at the retreat?

A: Daily Schedule

6:15-8:30 AM Sunrise Sukshmah Method class & Meditation

(Arrive at 6:15 for set up/intention. Class begins promptly at 6:30)

8:15-10:00 AM Breakfast

10:00 AM -1:15 PM Class (personal coaching, practice teaching, refining postures)

1:15 PM-3:30 PM Lunch and Break

3:30-6:00 Class (coaching groups, practice teaching)

6:00-6:45 Sunset Meditation

6:45-7:30 PM Dinner


Q If I want to do the entire course online, how does it work?

A: The online portion consists of 3 parts.

Part I: Begin watching the training videos as soon as you register.

Part II: Live online group coaching sessions

Part III: Teaching classes and Final Test out classes take place 3 months after your qualifying practicum. Those who are ready to test out earlier may be able to do so by special request. Those who may need more time may request an extension.


Q Can my family or friends come for just the retreat?

A Yes! They are more than welcome. The retreat portion has a separate schedule with more free time. Retreat participants are welcome to come for the morning classes and evening meditation. 



Q Is the hotel and flight cost included?

A: No. You will need to book your flight and book your preferred room directly with the hotel.


Q Can I share a room with someone?

A: Absolutely. We will be happy to provide you with fellow participants who would also like to share rooms so you can link up and share the cost of the room.

Q What would happen if I didn't watch all the videos before the retreat?

You will be expected to be able to perform the exercises to receive your personalized coaching in the group sessions. If you do not know how to do or guide the exercises, we cannot provide you with coaching, and you may need to complete your training online.

Choose a Pricing Option

Yoga instructors, sports coaches, fitness teachers, pilates/bar/dance teachers.
Committed people with energy and Charisma!
People who want to help make a positive difference in the world.
People who are go-getters…
People who can work in pairs (teamwork can make it easier to excel).
People who want to become more spiritual.