Naamflexology: Healing Through the Feet

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The feet very accurately reflect our physical and emotional health and well-being. In order for us to truly comprehend our place in the universe, it is essential for us to understand our feet and their purpose.

The healing science of Naamflexology allows us to be ever mindful of our harmonic connectedness with the Cosmic though the divine wisdom contained in the feet and is a comprehensive science for complete healing of mind, body, and spirit. In this course you will learn how the seven planetary bodies that sit before the throne of God govern all of the kingdoms of the macrocosm. On a grand scale, these heavenly bodies manifest themselves through the twelve signs of the zodiac and give birth to the twelve doors (DALET in Hebrew) of creation. Through each one of us, the seven planetary bodies express themselves as the twelve forces of the human soul and act as passageways for the circulation of salutary cosmic movement. These conduits carry the healing and constructive energies that are the very creative forces of God Itself, and therefore provide a great key to our healing and wellbeing.

In addition to the static locations that are depicted in foot reflexology charts, Naamflexology utilizes moving pattern maps that run through the feet. These patterns are the result of a complex combination of factors including the unique gravitational force exerted through the feet onto the ground, body weight distribution, posture, standing and walking characteristics, choice of shoes and much more. These patterns have an effect on the entire body and can be addressed through Naamflexology. Additionally, Naamflexology draws upon a little known Biblical and mystical understanding of the feet. The treatment techniques that comprise the Naamflexology system are the result of integrating these seemingly separate factors into one combined program.

When you walk a pattern emerges that is made up of forces between the body and the ground you walk on. The laws of physics describe this moving heel to toe dynamic, as a complex mixing of body weight, biomechanical factors, and gravitational influences of the sun, moon and earth. The brain reads all of this and creates a body map on the feet that can be used in healing. The idea for the body map was documented in the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, the Egyptian texts and in the teachings of Kabbalah yet exists within the scientific paradigm. Other factors that affect how this body map works are the nerves of the legs, dermatomes, Chinese meridians of the legs, foot bone structure as well as the amount and distribution of contact the feet have with the ground. The energy pattern of each foot is unique and is not static. Not only are there representatives of each body part on the feet but the feet also reveal the unique moving pattern that is related to the distinctive energy transfer to and from the ground that can be felt in physical, emotional and mental health. Naamflexology was developed for the purpose of improving how the feet relate to the Earth as well as for directly promoting whole body health through the body map.

Naamflexology Certification Course - The curriculum is comprised of both live in person hours and an online curriculum.

Two Day Live Portion of the Course - During the live, two day portion of the course, students will have time to learn, receive and give the Naamflexology technique, receive Divine Spiritual Wisdom about the feet and learn important techniques for strengthening your energy field. Students will receive manuals containing medical and practical educational information for study and reference and more.

Online Curriculum

The online portion of the class will contain a video on methodology that can be utilized repeatedly to perfect the treatment. Other videos include safety information on the feet, biomechanics of the feet, anatomy of the feet and more.

Certification Requirements

Practice sessions, online quizzes, study of the manual and viewing of the videos are all required to earn a certification of completion.

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Class Curriculum

  NaamFlexology Flier (PDF for Download)
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  NaamFlexology Videos (Technique)
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  Session Step Quick Cues
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  Naamflexology Manual
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  Vibrations & Transmission of Information. Its Relevance to Naamflexology.
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  Invocation / Invocacion
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  Complete Technique Video/Tecnica Completa Video
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  What is Naamflexology?
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be an experienced massage therapist to do Naamflexology?
Naamflexology is spiritually sophisticated and easy to do. With practice, anyone with a willingness to learn and the heart to become a catalyst for healing in others, can do this.
What makes Naamflexology unique?
There are body maps on the feet, with areas representing every part of the body. In foot reflexology the map is static with static, largely unmoving points. Naamflexology works with that same wisdom in addition to less known moving maps on the feet. Those dynamic moving lines are formed from the unique way each person walks, stands and holds their posture. Additionally, there are maps that affect the relationship the feet and body have with the earth or ground and this too strongly affect the body and electromagnetic field. The treatment feels like a massage and an energy therapy.
After the two day training can I practice Naamflexology on people?
Yes, after the in-person weekend you will need to do practice sessions on friends, family etc. in order to master the technique. You will also study the manual and listen to the online portion of the class. There is a quiz and practice sessions to complete before certification. After you have completed these requirements and received certification, you can practice Naamflexology as a profession and charge for the service.
Who will benefit most from Naamflexology?
Everyone! Naamflexology is designed to enhance every aspect of health and to improve the effectiveness of other healing therapies.
How does Naam Yoga and Harmonyum Healing System fit with Naamflexology?
The human body is a star, made up of certain energy centers. Harmonyum addresses the spine and the midline of the body. Naam Yoga is a physically active practice addressing the entire body and using the breath and voice to affect health as well as the hands through mudra. Naamflexology works through the feet. When seeking thorough healing, it is advisable to work through each of the points of the star.
Does the client have to participate in Naam Yoga or Divine Spiritual Wisdom to do the treatment?
No. It is a mystical technique that anyone can partake of and enjoy regardless of their background. Your clients will have an experience of high frequency while enjoying deep relaxation that lasts far beyond the appointment time.
Why would I want to focus on the feet, as a practitioner of the healing arts?
Healing through the feet has existed throughout the history of humanity and is deeply embedded in the human story. Divine Love and support are felt on an intuitive level when a person anoints the feet. The feet are our foundation and what our lives stand upon. They are the unappreciated workhorse of the body and yet they are our connection to the earth. When we relinquish control of this area of the body, allowing another to administer high vibration to this energy center, the body comes alive and new potential is revealed to the recipient. Working on the feet, hands, head and middle path of the human body represents a thorough, metaphysically sophisticated approach to the healing arts.
Where does Naamflexology come from?
Naamflexology comes from little known Biblical knowledge, Egyptian maps, Universal Kabbalah, Western Medicine, Physics, Biomechanics. This training will reveal rarely taught concepts about the healing potential in the feet, along with psychotherapeutic applications to the feet. Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, founder of the Harmonyum Healing System and Naam Yoga, also founded Naamflexology based upon the wisdom only the rare adepts previously had access to.
Where will the two-day live portion of the training be held?
The two-day live portion of the class will be held at Naam Yoga LA in Santa Monica, California. We suggest that you arrange accommodations that allow for you to be close to the center and well rested. You will need the entire two days. Please do not travel on the same days as the course as they will be long hours and you will need to arrive with clean and groomed feet. You must attend all hours of the two-day portion of the course.

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